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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What separates BlackFootballTips from the competition?

We serve as your own personal scouting service - giving you the information you need to place the best possible bet. Here's what we do: we carefully analyze each match and determine who has the best chance of winning. Then we notify you so that you can place a winning bet.

What is the current winning percentage for your tips?

The winning percentage for our tips is 78%! Think about how much money you could make winning nearly 8 out of every 10 bets you place! Plus, follow our sound money management principles and the occasional loss won't even dent your growing earnings.

How can I cut through all the lies and hype that surround football matches?

Join BlackFootballTips. We sort through all the pre-match hype and information and determine the bet you need to place to win big money. You'll save yourself stress and worry and you'll win lots of money.

Pricing-related Questions

What subscription plans do you offer?

We offer 2 days of tips for just €199. We also have a special plan which costs €799 and includes 2 Black Tips (also, comes with replacement) but this is not always available due to the limited number of spots. Please leave us an email if you have more questions. For this you can either use our contact form available here or our email address [email protected]

Are you running any current promotional offers on your subscriptions?

We are not offering any promotional offers at the moment but as soon as we do, you are going to know. Joining us is the fastest way to find out when we have discounts.

Are my payments secure?

Absolutely, we use the very latest encryption software to protect your personal information and keep your payments protected.

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